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Do we kill trees to make our wood chargers?

Absolutely Not! All the wood we use comes from trees that have already fallen naturally or from reclaimed and repurposed wood. Recently we were featured with Conscious Connection Magazine and they wrote up a great article if you want to learn more about our sustainability practices.

Do we hand make everything?

Absolutely Not! We use machines that help us out like every other human working on earth. Things like sewing machines and electric saws help us save time and energy. A better question would be, how skilled are your workers in producing your goods? The answer to that would be, "Very Skilled." Since our humble beginnings we have only employed the most experienced and skilled craftsmen. Our company started in 2011 when we only made wooden iPhone chargers. Since then, we have added many new products and our working artisans have increased from two to thirty. But our goal remains the same as when we first began:

To produce high quality innovative products and provide the best possible support to our loving customers.


How fast after I order does the product actually ship?

We ship out our goods from Los Angeles, Philadelphia, & Hong Kong, Monday - Friday 8-4pm PST. Please allow 1 day for your order to be prepared for shipment. Buying FedEx 2 day does not mean your order will arrive in 2 days from the time you order. It means once your order has shipped, it will be handed to FedEx for 2 Day shipping. We are not responsible for 3rd party shipping delays. We do our best to get all orders out from the warehouse within 2 business days.

What are my shipping options?

We use UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL shipping services. We ship from 3 worldwide locations so the closer you are the quicker you will get your package. (Use our shipping calculator to determine your options)

Doc Artisan however, does not collect/pay duties or tariffs on international shipments.  You may incur additional charges from your home country when the product arrives.

Can I return my product for a refund?

Of course you can, the process is super simple and we process returns once a week. For further details click here

How do I care for my leather case?

Basically there are two steps to caring for your leather case. Cleaning and Conditioning. For the first step we recommend a solid cleaning agent like this as it will help remove dirt, stains, and oils while opening up the pores in the leather. Once you have gone through the steps of removing the grime from your case you will want to use a conditioner like this. The leather conditioner will keep your leather soft and prevent pre-mature drying.

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