Doc Artisan's Story

Doc Artisan was founded in 2011 by Joel Youngstory as an artistic outlet for his love of woodworking.  His goal was to combine craftsmanship with functional products for everyday life. Joel originally started by hand crafting iPhone dock charging stations out of driftwood and logs collected on his adventures exploring Northern California. Thus “Doc Artisan” was born. In 2013, Doc Artisan introduced one of the first full grain leather iPhone wallet cases that is still a signature product.

Over the next decade, Doc Artisan continued to grow while staying true to its artistic roots. Joel started to feel burned out in 2021 due to the rigors of running a small business and realized that it might be time to pass Doc Artisan on to new hands. 

In early 2022, Doc Artisan was purchased by Zach Johns and Sam Denny after Joel was convinced the new owners shared the same vision of building artistic, well-crafted, and innovative products that make modern life easier.  Joel realized a lifelong dream and moved to Nicaragua to surf and live the beach lifestyle. 

Zach and Sam grow up and live in Northern Washington state close to the San Juan Islands.  Both are avid skiers and enjoy exploring the local peaks like Mount Rainier and Mount Baker.  They hope to bring inspiration from the nature and art of the Pacific Northwest to the original artistic vibes of Northern California that inspired Joel.  Doc Artisan plans to continue stay true to its artistic roots while making highly functional, innovative products for the modern life.