UPDATED Shipping iPhone 12 Pre-Orders

This is a Pre-Order Update as of Tuesday December 8th.
We understand that the wait on these cases has been ridiculous and we are completely aware that you might have a case-less iPhone 12! 
The million dollar question is "when will I get my Case!?" 
The situation today (Tuesday Dec 8th) is that we have only received one shipment thus far from our supplier.  Those cases already went out to those who pre-ordered in Early October.  The reason we only received a few cases was due to issues we experienced with MagSafe, our molds, and competing inner magnetics.  MagSafe compatibility is very important for us and ensuring that your case is functional is of the highest priority.  We would rather do it right the first time and keep you happy knowing that your Doc Artisan case is as great as your last one, than have a bunch of issues downline.
That being said, we are very hopeful that we get our next batch of iPhone 12 cases very soon.  How soon? Most likely we will start shipping out orders again next week.  We understand that might not work for you and you might need a case now.  We are more than happy to cancel and refund your order immediately.  You can always re-order down the line when the item is actually in stock! Simply shoot me an email joel@docartisan.com and we will take care of it for you.  
However, another option would be to hold out a little longer. You could buy a cheap amazon case, and then wait for our super high quality functional wallet case!
We really appreciate your business and your patience and respect whatever decision you make.
Doc Artisan
You can see where you are (roughly) on the ship list below:
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  • Jordan Liau

    When will the v5 be available again for the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

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