iPhone 13 Cases

Please excuse the delay on our release of the iPhone 13 lineup.  We ran into challenges due to the new cameras and their lenses.  Because the new cameras stick out way past the body of the new iPhones, we have been hard at work to come up with a solution to our designs.  

In all our wallet case combos, we have never had to add fill in the backside of the case to ensure that the iPhone sits flat in the wallet.  In order for the iPhone 13 models to sit flat on the Artisan and V8 Models (detachable wallets), we would have to add quite a but of fill material to keep the back of the phone case flush or slightly raised out over the cameras.

We opted against this design as it made the case way too heavy and increased the overall thickness of the case way too much.  Instead, we are going to only make the V5 Wallet Case for the 13 lineup as the V5 has a camera cutout that will allow for the new iPhone design.  

Also, keep in mind that trying to use the new 13 inner cases with a V8, V6, or Artisan Wallet will not work.  The camera housing will not allow your iPhone 13 with case to sit flat on the wallet.  We hope that in the future Apple can figure out how to make the backside of the iPhones and the cameras/housings all flush so this is a non issue.  But we are all at the mercy of these designs and so we do our best.

Again thank you for your patience as we have received many inquiries on our 13 lineup.  We are getting ready to release them very soon! 

Cheers and thank you for your support!




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