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iPhone 12 Leather Wallet Cases

Rumor has it Apple will be revealing and opening up pre-orders for the much anticipated iPhone 12 in October.  Since the September 15th announcement and virtual meeting did not give us any details on the 12, we should now watch for the release coming next month.  

Multiple sources in Shenzhen have revealed that the 5G iPhone 12 is already in production and will be ready for delivery late this year 2020.  The new square sided iPhone 12 reminds me of the 4 and 5 models from back in the day.  Interesting that the designers are going back to a squarish model again.

Doc Artisan has already begun to work on our wallet cases for the new iPhone 12 models.  We have already sourced our materials and built out the new moulds.  We are also excited to release our new inner cases that will be revealed in line with the Apple release of the iPhone 12.  We have a very high build quality full leather wrap inner case that will be offered for the new iPhones.  

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