Introducing Galaxy S7 Edge v5 Wallet

You asked for it and we delivered! If you are not an Apple fan, we understand.  Many are the paths of smart phone users.  The Galaxy S7 Edge is actually pretty bad ass.  I bought one and love the feel and functionality it delivers.  Only problem was that like most smart phones, its slippery in the hand.  The curved edged screen doesn't help either.  

But take no fear, the new V5 Wallet from Doc Artisan is here to protect and provide dual use to your new Galaxy Edge S7.  We took our same great wallet case that was built for iPhone 6/s and 6/s Plus and made it for the new Edge. 

genuine leather case galaxy s7 edge

As you may or may not know, the V5 is a two piece case that doubles as a wallet and leather case.  The detachable inner case is awesome in its own right.  We gave the s7 edge a rubberized soft feel bumper and genuine leather back.  This not only gives you a grip when using it but also ensures you stand out with a legitimate handcrafted leather case.

leather wallet case for galaxy s7 edge

Add to this a magnetized leather wallet that boasts four card slots and two giant inner pockets and your set for life's adventures! We are so happy to open up the v5 wallet case to Galaxy s7 edge users that for many years we denied.  Sorry about that but we really had to ensure our majority iPhone users were happy first: )  

galaxy s7 edge wallet case by doc artisan

Now that v5 is ready for you, and you read all this, we just gotta reward you! Feel free to use SAVE25 coupon code at checkout when you buy your new leather wallet case.  

Here is a recent review from a happy customer who now enjoys his new wallet case:
Verified Buyer
Exceptional Wallet Case 
"I made the purchase going off the recommendation from my friend who had the Sport Waller v.4. I made the switch from iPhone to Galaxy S7 Edge fearing they wouldn't have a case for it. Once I saw they did, I immediately placed the order. The quality of leather you can smell from the moment you unpack the case. It fit like a glove. I keep just 3 car

ds in it and it's just perfect. The leather breaks in quickly. It's absolutely an amazing wallet case. Impressed with the craftsmanship and it even came with a screen protector. Doc Artisan knows what they're doing and they do it exceptionally well."

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