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From the Founder

I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to all our customers who have supported Doc Artisan over the years.  I started the company 10 years ago on the Etsy online marketplace platform.  My first product was an iPhone 4 charging dock made from a piece of wood that was meant for the fireplace.  True Story! You can check out the entire write up here.


After selling out on Etsy within a few days, I started experimenting with other wood materials.  

After I made a bunch of amazing docking stations, I started getting calls from Nordstroms and companies like Bed Bath and Beyond.  I was flattered that they wanted my docks but the reality was each unit made was unique and individual.  They wanted thousands of units and I was only capable of making a few hundred.  Even after employing a few skilled woodworkers, it was not going to be doable for the prices and margins set forth.  

I knew at this point I had to come up with a product that could be duplicated on a greater scale if I wanted to continue to grow from my Etsy online shop.  This is when I decided that cool high end functional iPhone cases were the next step for me.  I began experimenting and produced a detachable wallet case that worked for me.  All the products I have ever made have been things made for my personal use.  I create to simplify life while adding value and fun to the everyday grind.  If you want to be a creator and be successful in that endeavor, you must test and use your creations and ask for truthful feedback from others!

I utilized Indiegogo and Kickstarter to launch my wallet cases and magmounts.  I developed great feedback from real users that bought into my campaigns.  You can check out my respective pages above on those platforms if you like.  

In 2017, I sold Doc Artisan to a kind man in Idaho.  He had some great ideas and alot of energy to take DA to another level.  He started out well and added a few products to the lineup.  At the same time, I went on a long vacation and gave myself and family some much needed R&R.  

Unfortunately, the buyer experienced some tough breaks regarding faulty production and other hinderances and lost energy and resources to keep the brand growing.  In January this year the buyer reached out to me and asked if I would like to buy the DA brand back.  For me it was perfect timing as my 3 year hiatus had ended and I was geared up to take on another challenge.

So here I am, having come full circle!  Back in charge of the brand I started 10 years ago.  Funny how some things come back to you when you fully let them go.  I feel super blessed to have my company back and so thankful that I have some of the greatest customers imaginable.  I have been having conversations with my long time clients and it has been very refreshing to hear that they are committed to sticking with me through this transition.  

The future is bright here at Doc Artisan and already my wheels are spinning.  I have 2 new wallet cases already in prototype phases and also I am opening up a Retail Shop in NorCal this summer so you all can come and visit me when near San Fran! 

Please feel free to shoot me a note!

I would love to hear from you.

Blessings and Peace to you!

Joel Young Storey

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