essential business?

Is Doc Artisan essential to you? If you have a phone that needs a badass wallet case, that would be a strong yes!  If you need that leather touch and smell and cant wait for it to patina and develop its own personality, then another strong YES.  So who is to say what is essential and what is not?  Seems like that should be up to the consumer in my humble opinion.  Why should someone tell you what is essential for you when you can decide that for yourself?

I hear you saying that taking this route of thought is missing the entire point and that we should be thinking of safety and well being of those affected and suffering because of the V1RUS.  Ok then that is fine, go ahead and move along then and don't buy your genuine leather wallet case for your new iPhone 11 here because, well you should be looking at bulk toilet paper.  

Regardless of our views on the matter, we can all agree that Doc Artisan will survive this plannedemic and continue to provide our customers service and new cases for as long as the good Lord allows! Blessings and Peace to everyone who is struggling to make ends meet and who has sick friends and family.  Our prayers are with you and please stay and dont be stupid out there.  A-lot of dummies are responding with anger and fear and I can tell you that will only exacerbate your frustrations.  Keep calm and take it a day at a time.  Times are tough for everyone.  Let's try to be patient and kind with each other and realize we are all here together.  


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