Card Cases are Back!

Our super popular card cases for iPhone 6 were a huge hit last year.  The minimal 2 slot design was well received by our new and faithful customers.  The full grain leather developed a rich patina with use and was functionally flawless.  The go to case for front pocket comfort and a night on the town.

That is until the case edges were worn with use and then all hell broke lose! 

Yeah, we encountered a major design flaw that would render the cases useless after about 7 months.  The emails and calls started to pour in about the edges peeling and then the entire case basically peeling apart.  

The design flaw was that we used a rubber edge paint to seal and secure the leather to the hard polycarbonate shell.  We will never use this method again for obvious reasons.  The fix was actually pretty easy.  Instead of the rubber hard edge, we opted for a full leather wrap secured by a microfiber inner.

The result is clean and so so much better in regards to longevity.  In fact we are now using this design for our Artisan Cases as well.  NO MORE RUBBER EDGES!!

These new models will be in stock in Mid March so stay tuned.

If you previously bought a DA card case and had issues, feel free to shoot us an email and we will be sure to take care of you.

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