It’s 8 AM, and as you fish through faded receipts and an old photo of your niece, desperately searching for a dollar bill and your hole-punch coffee card, you can hear the old man behind you swear under his breath. Your money falls out of your wallet and gently flutters on the floor, along with a fortune cookie wrapper from the last time you went to dinner with your ex.

While your wallet probably wasn’t the reason your ex broke up with you, your lack of organizational skills might have had something to do with it. Now you’re red in the face and flustered, standing at the counter of the convenience store with a bulky wallet and four sets of sleepy eyes glaring at you and damning your disorganization.

Looks like it’s time for a new wallet.

The good news is that you’re not alone, and in recent years, designers and innovators across the globe have come to the rescue with a huge variety of functional and stylish wallets. To help you find the perfect wallet for your needs, we’ll take a quick look at some of the biggest trends in the modern billfold.

1. Minimalist.

The idea here with minimalist wallets is addition by subtraction. By reducing the amount of slots and spaces you have to store random nonsense, a minimalist wallet allows for maximum convenience by giving you just enough space for the items you need the most.

Minimalist wallets are generally slim in design and use a variety of materials, from aluminum to leather. Thankfully, the days of pocket bulge and routing through your wallet for fleeting coffee cards have come to an end.

2. Sporty.

They’re super-lightweight and generally made with moisture-wicking nylon, great for golfers or the casual athlete. Sporty wallets usually come with zippers or Velcro closures, and while they’re thin, they still provide plenty of leeway for those who like to cling to their old receipts.

3. Classy.

Slim-fitting pants and the lingering appeal of an old-fashioned leather wallet have many designers offering a modern, more practical take on the traditional billfold. The materials of classy wallets vary, with more high-end wallets featuring exotic leathers, and as a result, much higher price tags.

The idea behind a classy wallet is to have easy access to your cards with no fuss, without compromising your good taste.

If you’re looking for a wallet that’s both classy and minimalist, look no further than the Artisan Leather Wallet Case from Doc Artisan. Sophisticated and efficient, this sleek wallet comes with three easy-to-access pockets and features a detachable magnetic iPhone case, so you can keep your phone and credit cards in one discreet place. 

Its soft leather construction offers the same durability and handsome, vintage look of your grandfather’s billfold, without the heavy price tag you get with today’s wallet.

4. Business-card Wallets.

Some guys prefer to keep their cards, cash, and ID in their side pocket, leaving their back pocket for whipping out their business card in a flash. Perhaps a little too minimalist, but nothing says simple quite like a single-purpose business card wallet.

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