Fathers Deserve the Best!

I'm a proud father of one super smart 8 year old girl and husband to a gorgeous and compassionate woman.  I feel very blessed to say the least.  This year my wife asked me what I wanted for fathers day and I said, "Im good, I have it all!"  After which my wife responded, "how about a day of golf and a new golf bag?"  Basically reading my mind as the perfect gift for me.  She knows that I tend to over work and under play.  

The curse or trap of some successful entrepreneurs can be the mental drive at which we attack our goals.  Since I started Doc Artisan in 2011, I have been on a vigorous growth cycle.  I began by working with my hands and my brain as I always have.  You can check out how Doc Artisan got its start by reading this feature blog post written by Etsy.  I built an outdoor wood shop and made a bunch of mechanical jigs driven by custom routers and drills.  This enabled me to maximize and automate production for my one man operation.

Unfortunately, I could not keep up with demand and did not have enough hours in the day to make enough wooden docking stations.  After a few years of grinding out one of a kind chargers, I decided it was time to shift gears.  But before I go into this, let me brag a bit about some of the features we received during this period. (I will share the next step design process in another blog post)

Forbes wrote a fun article about my days foraging in the forest looking for wood.

Makers Market is a local San Francisco company that promotes local Artisan talent both online and in retail shops.  We have sold out with them and still not able to meet demand. 

Conscious Connection Magazine  wrote a fun article about our commitment to the environment and sustainable practices we employ.  I believe that when you are committed to sustainable and long term growth, you will tend to be less wasteful and more thoughtful about your business. 

Enough about the past, lets get back to Fathers Day! Fathers you deserve some rest, play, and love.  This is what I need from my family and friends and Im sure you could use the same.  I want to extend a fat discount code from now until fathers day as a way to give back.  

Simply use, FATHERS as your discount code at checkout and receive 35% off your entire order!  There are no restrictions or limits to the code.  Share it with your friends and with the women who hopefully will be buying you a kick ass case from DA!


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