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Artisan Wallet Case gets an overhaul

Our original detachable wallet case has received a much needed overhaul! We are always looking for ways to make our products better.  Recently we have upgraded the detachable inner case to a full wrap leather case.  We got rid of the glued/rubber edges and have used the strength and longevity of leather instead of glue.  Not only will increase the life of the case, but it also raises the exposed edge of the case.  This allows you to set your phone face down without worry that your glass will touch the counter. 

In addition to this great upgrade, we have also increased the width of the spine to allow more room for cash and cards.  Increasing the spine width allows the wallet to fold flat while it is filled with your items.  These 2 upgrades along with our high end leather and exceptional craftsmanship make the Artisan Wallet Case a dream come true.

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