Artisan Docks Return!

After all, this is the product that started it all.  Back in 2011 I started hand crafting wood docks and stands in my backyard shop.  It was fun and I was able to be super creative without a boss nagging at me.  I had come out of the corporate world after 3 years and the reality that I was not made to work for someone else.  I was on my own now, working part time at a local restaurant to make ends meet.  I was determined to make this work and support my wife and 4 year old daughter.  This was not going to be easy but it sure was better than sitting down at another boring meeting dressed in a monkey suit.

This was the start of Doc Artisan and the road was bumpy and windy as hell.  Once I started making the wooden widgets, I became slave to them as the demand far exceeded the supply.  My sawdust filled eyes watered daily and hands grew tired.  My days were spent using chop saws, routers, drill presses, sanders, and other hand tools for the details.  Some days I would go into the local forest and collect my specimens using special use permits (Forbes feature).  I collect fallen timber, driftwood, fire torn cedar, and seasoned oak.  

These one of kind pieces cannot be reproduced.  We are now utilizing a few wood crafters that help us in manufacturing and I will get my hands dirty too!  I really do love working with my hands and the creative side of woodworking is quite pleasurable.  I just refuse to overwork this time around.  I hope you enjoy the re-birth of our docks and score one of these bad ass pieces.


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